Fiona Pfennigwerth


I am an Australian artist, based in Newcastle, whose work expresses my love for the natural world and my Christian faith.

I seek to connect my neighbours to the wonderfully crafted ancient texts of the Bible, which are fundamental to our way of life and culture. I invite you to join me by giving copies of my books to your friends and family.

These works aim to present Bible books invitingly and clearly for meditative study. In these, the text of the English Standard Version of the Bible is set out in a readable way that is sympathetic to the original authors’ voices; and accompanied by naturalistic illustrations of the Australian bush, which suggest their individual timbre and themes.

The Psalms illuminated is gradually taking form. I’ve made major inroads into researching the 150 poems, both individually and as a collection; and have a working layout of the whole text and overall book design. I’ve explored Tasmania and the Red Centre and chosen subjects for half the psalms’ illustrations. A quarter are designed and half of these completed. A beginning…

The Gospel according to John appeared in 2014, and The Scrolls illuminated in 2011. Click on the icons on the left panel to see my pages that tell you more about these.

John The grand themes of the blessings that Jesus offers in the Gospel are pictured in the semi-arid landscapes of outback Australia. The text of the Gospel is set out to show how its original author seeks to persuade readers to trust in Jesus, by presenting who Jesus is and the amazing gifts he offers, so that in believing we may have life.

John Illuminated is available here now

The five books in this volume are arranged as a set in the Hebrew Bible (the Christian Old Testament) called The Scrolls, which are read at five of the annual Jewish festivals.

Between them they explore both God’s character and the breadth of human experience – love and kindness, tragedy and grief, rescue and reversal of fortunes, and the quest for life’s purpose.

The text of the Bible in the English Standard Version is bordered by contemporary yet timeless illustrations of Australian nature, which suggest each book’s tone and shape, and act as visual metaphors of its underlying themes.

The Scrolls Illuminated is available here now



I entered the second annual Book illumination award competition, run by American book marketing company Jenkins Group, ‘honouring the best Christian-themed books published during the year’ and written in English. In 2015, John illuminated was awarded gold in the category keepsake/gift/specialty; and The Scrolls illuminated the gold medal for ‘enduring light–Christian thought’ for an earlier publication than 2014.

Jenkins explains,
With the motto, ‘Shining a Light on Exemplary Christian Books’, the Illumination Book Awards re intended to honour the best books published during the past year with a Christian worldview. The diverse topics and styles of the 2015 medal-winning books reflect the diversity of Christianity today. The 77 winning books came from 28 different US States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and France.

I am putting the production of greeting cards on hold for the time being, but see what’s happening on my Cards and Store pages.