About me

For thirty years I have pursued separately my interests in literature, theology and art. I love painting in watercolour, and being fascinated by the beauty and subtlety of the natural world, have exhibited works mainly on this theme. Studying and working in law trained me to read analytically. Writing for a small newspaper built on that, and taught me editing and layout. Twenty five years leading many seminars teaching adults to read biblical books as literature has deepened my biblical knowledge and applied my reading skills to biblical texts.

For seven years I studied Natural History Illustration at the University of Newcastle, a unique course in Australia, and one of a handful in the world. Although it is a three-year undergraduate degree, I entered as a part-time Honours student, where I began this project that continued into my PhD, which I was awarded in February 2009. My exegesis combines my theological and literary exploration of the texts and my visual response to them. It is available online through the University of Newcastle Australian Digital Theses Project web page.

Over the last 25 years I have exhibited in various galleries, sold commissioned work privately to individuals, and participated in a number of privately organised small group shows. In 2010 my work was chosen for hanging in the Australian Blake Prize for Religious Art.

In 2010 I exhibited a series of paintings Novocastrian Creation as part of the Newcastle Anglican Cathedral Feast of the Senses. The works were scanned and combined with the text of the first Creation story in Genesis 1, with an explanation of how I respond to it. Copies of this are available on request.

I am beginning work exploring the Gospel of John, which I hope will lead to another illuminated manuscript. However, progress is hampered by lack of funding to enable me to undertake it wholeheartedly. If you know of any relevant sponsorship possibilities, please let me know.


Contact fiona@fionapfennigwerth.info